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The true essence of each one of us is in our hearts.

There are many spiritual paths helping us to rediscover oneself. Many of them have avoided sex, others repressed and condamned it. In tantra sex is included in a sacred and romantic way because we can not deny what has brought us to this world, what makes us human. In conclusion tantra is a path to a physical, mental and spiritual balance, it is practice, is learning through experience, is a journey into your true essence, your true nature…

With clarity and profound perception Tantra opens the door to our authentic self. Its vision is not based on the assumption of another world, it is rooted in this world. The beginning is the Here and Now. The key will be found by accepting ourselves as we are, and the process of acceptance – the transformation itself. This is the wonderful secret of tantra: accept the desire, go into it, but with deep sensitivity, with awareness, with love.

Tantra stands for the principle of a new human: spiritual, loving, meditative, conscious and sexual being, one that will create with his energy a form of live much closer to paradise on earth.