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Tantric massage for gays

I have often had the opportunity to talk about tantra to very different audiences and they have asked me many questions, but the most common and the one, that caught my greatest attention was: does tantra include homosexuality?

Remember that tantra is amoral, nonreligious, atheistic, apolitical, etc.

One is not “converted” to tantra or has to agree with anything. Tantra does not judge anything or anyone. Thus, for not rejecting anything, it is for every follower to define for himself his moral according to his religion, etc. In addition, tantra is fortunately not an organized structure. Given the absence of authority, no one is authorized to represent it.

It is also important that the heterosexual understands the homosexual.

In tantra, each is defined in terms of what is, here and now, regardless of sexual orientation!

Tantra is not limited to sex, but provides another view of the world. It is open to all, the essence of everything, love in every action, love in everything, although at first glance it seems to be absent. Tantra is to find the sacredness of life, to share it throughout the environment and to assimilate at all times.

Tantra is to merge with spirituality, with all.

Our goal of this workshop is to arouse in men who love and desire other men, a different way to discover themselves, to be accompanied, to connect with that other person from the heart, to have a warm, transparent relationship and also heal emotional wounds.

In tantra you trust your body. Your body is sacred, is a temple where your soul resides.

Spirituality lives in the body and consciousness of unity, so the massage provides the opportunity to experience a contact from the heart and soul, is presence, is to be open to feelings, to multiple forms of love, is to embrace the existence in deep and serene acceptance, is a contact to enrich our senses and the whole life.

personal training in tantra

1. freeing yourself

We all come to this world, usually in a climate of harmony, we have no ambitions, dreams, hopes, resentments, disappointments, at that time languages, races, dogmas, football teams do not exist, were just at that moment, feeling the contact with our small environment.

We recognize the skin of the breast, the aromas, the sound of voices, we begin to travel on this planet with a lot of energy, in our early years illusions and fantasies fill our hearts, our skin color already gives us certain conditions, the society where we are born and brought up has bequeathed us a language, the family a religion and perhaps a political opinion, economic condition of our family, the profession of our parents, our sex and other things, have already begun to condition us, our authenticity begins to disappear, our ego begins to grow almost like ourselves, the years go by and adolescence begins, there the situation is more competitive, we want to be the best in school, have a good looking boyfriend or girlfriend, have already decided a profession based on some economic stability and a personal taste. And so comes our youth, the first partners we share flat with, the first job is chosen by what society needed, we look for partners in terms of what we thought we will need, we just go on and on with this life, almost without knowing us, almost without remembering the child, that child, that is within us, not leaving, not dying, it is only sleeping deep inside its dreams, illusions, fantasies, imagining with no doubt a situation very different from the one we have today.

If we only pay attention, it will lead us each time and in every situation. And when spirit and body have been guided by the essence of that child, our true essence, we will march through life radiating happiness and health, so free of worries and responsibilities as a small and trusting child.

Imagine for a moment how wonderful life would be if we could all live with that joy. And that is possible if we do not lose the essence of our being.

If we follow our own instincts, our desires, our thoughts, our needs … then we should know nothing but joy and health.

Hearing the voice of our essence is no impossible goal. Whenever we are willing to admit it, it will be very easy. Simplicity is the key word of all creation.

Our essence (soft and delicate voice), speaks to us through our intuition, our instincts, our desires, ideals, our preferences and usual disaffections. Either way, it is easier for us if we listen to ourselves.

All we have to do is safeguard our personality, our own lives, to be the captain of our own ship, and so everything will be fine.

A real success is, whatever the result brings, if we only follow the signs of our inner selves.

Once we have recognized and freed from all constraints that we have and we have set, everything becomes much easier.

Are you ready to free from yourself…?