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I was born and brought up in a small and welcoming town in the inner of Argentina, where almost everyone knows everyone, felt from an early age a restlessness and desire to learn something new every day. Looking for something more, but did not know what it was, I worked on the understanding of the operation and functioning of all, the how and why of everything. It made me think to grow as a professional but it kept me away from what I really felt and wanted.

I have dedicated myself for years to the biotech sector, led a very structured life, everything had to fit perfectly. Thus I lost the opportunity to experience the essence of everything. Family, friends, but something was missing in me. Accidentally a course of dowsing (radiestesia) awakened in me something that excited me; courses and workshops of various natural therapies were added. My mathematical world was collapsing and that was fantastic, I got energy, new emotions to discover , that all of them were in me, I began to see inside myself, to feel good with my new spiritual path, but my sexuality had to be excluded, it was almost like a distraction of consciousness, until I held the “book of secrets” by Osho in my hands. There I started to feel a balance between what I felt, thought and wanted. Tantra came into my life, harmony came to my heart, I came home after many years of searching.